Sunday, December 30, 2007

Las Aventuras de Enrique y Ana

Happy New Year and all that jazz. I bring to you another record from my trip to Mexico. There is something about children's records that make them hard for me to pass up. Maybe it's the memories that they bring back of my sister and me fooling around with our Fisher Price "My First Record Player" and my mom's old 45's. Maybe it's the little bit of hope that I'll find some amazing break ripe to be looped. I think there's something "raw" to be found in children's records. Kid's seem to like weird things. And, adults who make weird things for kids are often pretty weird themselves. So, I suppose it's the weirdness that attracts me.

While traveling through Mexico I was carrying a bag full of records I was unable to listen to until I returned home. Alone in my hotel room I'd carefully examine the covers, planning which record I'd play first when I got home. The record I was most excited about was actually another children's record. Odisea Burbujas by lounge legend Esquivel which I'd first heard of on WFMU's Beware of the Blog. You can find the entire album out there in blog land. Then, while digging in Morelia, I came across another children's record with a wacked out cover called "Las Aventuras de Enrique y Ana". I have yet to see the entire film which is available on youtube, but that sure looks like an alien on the front.

Please ignore the racism of Super Disco Chino. Yes, Ana is pulling Enrique's eyes back so that he looks like a "Chino." And, I guess, Chinese people sound like chipmunks, but it is these absurdities that draw me to the song. This along with the wacked out Devo-esque music and plate spinning. I suppose it makes some sort of sense. Disco Chino can mean Chinese Records or Chinese Discs as in plates.

Caca Culo Pedo Pis
brings us a song by Los Punkitos. I believe the correct translation of this would be Poop, Butt, Fart, Pee. More New Wave than punk, check out how sexy that lead singer gets when she takes off her jacket. What is she? Five years old. The dudes in the audience are definitely digging it. Unfortunately my record has a censored version of the song called Caca Cucu Pepe Pipi, but that Blondie New Wave filtered through another culture sound is still there.

And finally, we'll end it with some calisthenics from Baile Olimpico. I know the song is a rip off of another children's song but I can't place it. The lyrics are just naming off a bunch of Olympic Games while the kids act them out. It's quite fun. You should try it yourself.

Apparently, Enrique y Ana had their own television show in Spain. Youtube user arqmauh has all sorts of clips from the show including the entire movie that my soundtrack came from. Enjoy.

Super Disco Chino by Enrique y Ana from Las Aventuras de Enrique y Ana
Caca Cucu Pepe Pipi by Enrique y Ana from Las Aventuras de Enrique y Ana
Baile Olimpico by Enrique y Ana from Las Aventuras de Enrique y Ana

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