Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Miami Bass

I picked up some Miami Bass Booty records the other day at a swap meet and I feel like changing things up a little. Both records are on the Vision Records label out of Miami Florida. First up is M.C. Cool Rock and M.C. Chaszy Chess's "Boot the Booty". Some nice scratches by Miami legend DJ Magic Mike on this one. If you listen carefully you'll notice the synth line from Tony Butler and Debbie Deb's "When I Hear Music" which I found in the same crate. Second is "Do Your Duty" by Beatmaster Clay D and the Get Funky Crew which obviously came right after "Boot the Booty" because they refer to it in the begining. Sorry about the condition of "Do Your Duty". Insert your own joke regarding dirty booty.

Boot the Booty by MC Cool Rock and MC Chaszy Chess
Do Your Duty by Beatmaster Clay D & the Get Funky Crew

Thursday, October 20, 2005


In 1972 the Bar-Kays released "Do You See What I See?" and performed at the WattStax music festival in the L.A. Coliseum. There was a movie and album released documenting the concert. If you have never seen it you must. It is simply amazing. Isaac Hayes, The Staple Singers, Eddie Floyd, Albert King, Carla Thomas, Rufus Thomas, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Richard Pryor were all a part of it. The film is remarkable not only for the music, but for the interviews of the people living in Watts and their insight about their own neighborhood.

The Bar-Kays performed three songs at the festival. My favorite part of "Son of Shaft" besides the wah wah guitar workout is the dialogue before they begin their set. You can hear the band talking to the sound guys, plus the intro to the song is priceless. Most of it has been sampled like crazy so it should sound familiar.

"Do You See What I See" is simply a beautiful example of political funk from 1972. Enjoy.

Son of Shaft by The Bar-Kays from WattStax
Do You See What I See? by The Bar-Kays from Do You See What I See?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Bar-kays cont.

I'm going to try for two posts this week so I'll be short. The Mar-keys were another band on the Stax/Volt label just like the Bar-kays. The Mar-keys were the very first studio band for the label and included Donald Dunn and Steve Cropper who were both part of Booker T. and the MGs. From what I can figure out the Mar-keys line-up changed fairly often. Isaac Hayes was part of the group for the album "The Great Memphis Sound." In fact, if anyone has a copy--hook a brother up! Wait, what am I thinking;I'm talking to like two people.

Well, the last Mar-keys album "The Memphis Experience" was basically the Bar-kays. I read somewhere most of album consisted of songs that didn't make it on the Bar-kays' albums. So here are two tracks from the album for you to enjoy. And finally, big ups to Tom Havers for leaving comments.

Angel Dust by The Mar-keys from The Memphis Experience
Creeper's Funktrations by The Mar-keys from The Memphis Experience

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Bar-Kays

Hello imaginary people! I'm going to talk about the Bar-Kays. They are bad ass. First, they were the back up band for Otis Redding in addition to being the house band for the Stax music label. Yeah, I know Booker T. and the MGs basically did the same thing and are also bad ass, but that's for some future post. Well, all but two of the Bar-Kays were killed in the same plane crash that killed Otis Redding. So instead of giving up on everything after their bandmates all perished in a plane crash, guess what the surviving members did? They kept the band going with new members and continued as the house band for Stax playing on albums like Isaac Hayes's "Hot Buttered Soul". When I first started collecting records I became convinced that I had found the funkiest music ever after picking up the Bar-Kays' "Black Rock". Check out the wah wah guitar madness of "Six O'clock News Report" and the psyche funk of their cover of Sly Stone's "Dance to the Music".

Six O'clock News Report by The Bar-Kays from Black Rock
Dance to the Music by The Bar-Kays from Black Rock

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tommy Butler

Before I talk about the record I just want to say I have no idea what is going on with the fonts on this blog. I can't for the life of me make my newest entry look like the last. I've spent too much time picking apart html without any results. I give up.

And another thing. Please leave some comments. Why the hell am I spending time on a blog that no one reads. Yep, there sure are a lot of blogs out there aren't there? Why would anyone read mine? I'm talking to myself aren't I?

This record just came in the mail. I bought a nice sealed copy of this after reading about it on a message board. Private press record from L.A. Very soulful and quite funky sometimes. A few songs actually seem to have some country influence on them. Nice record. I wouldn't be surprised if there are still some sealed copies up on Ebay.

Enjoy the mp3s imaginary people.

Can't Do Without You by Tommy Butler from Tommy Butler
Seven Days Seven Nights by Tommy Butler from Tommy Butler