Friday, June 12, 2009

A Couple of Links...

Toy Selectah has a free album available for download. Toy Selectah is responsible for Celso Pina's Cumbia Sobre El Rio. He was also the producer for Control Machete. He's been playing Bersa Discos shows here in SF and will apparently have an album coming out on Diplo's Mad Decent Records. Check out this album of remixes he has out. It's called The Mex-More album. Mexican/Baltimore. Get it?
Toy Selectah - The Mex-More LP

Have a new album out. It's available by donation. They are basically my favorite band in SF right now. Their live shows are completely berzerker. And, their drummer, Weasel Walter is a machine. You may know him as the guy who fronted The Flying Luttenbachers
XBXRX - Un Usper

Dennis Brown "Joseph's Coat of Many Colours"

I don't find good reggae very often, so I was pretty excited to come across this Dennis Brown album. First of is "Man Next Door", which I'm embarrassed to say I first heard The Slits cover. It's originally a Paragons track and I believe John Holt originally wrote it. Secondly I'm sharing "Together Brothers" which has Brown taking on the Real Rock Rhythm. And finally I'm sharing "Home Sweet Home" which opens with a great break that I'm surprised nobody has sampled yet.

"Man Next Door" by Dennis Brown from "Joseph's Coat of Many Colours"

"Together Brothers" by Dennis Brown from "Joseph's Coat of Many Colours"

"Home Sweet Home" by Dennis Brown from "Joseph's Coat of Many Colours"