Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Golden Palominos

I picked this up the other day at the swap meet. I didn't know too much about the Golden Palominos. In fact, I originally thought they were some sort of Euro-pop band for some reason. Then I heard a track of theirs featuring Johnny Rotten on good old Pirate Cat Radio. I decided they couldn't be half bad. Then, while at the swap meet I came across this record and learned that John Zorn the avant guard saxophonist and producer of the first Mr. Bungle album was on there in addition to Arto Lindsay and Bill Laswell. Surprisingly, neither of those guys fronted the band. The band in fact, was led by a percussionist named Anton Fier. I've been digging this first track for the last couple of weeks. It's got this great Liquid Liquid post punk funk type of feel. The sound of someone spitting at the beginning also reminds me of The Butthole Surfers. But what's really important is that the drums are just so damn hard. The rest of the album gets a bit noisy, but I dig that stuff. My partner on the other hand doesn't like me to play the album while she is working on the computer. So, stop your work, and listen to some Golden Palominos.

Clean Plate
by The Golden Palominos from The Golden Palominos

Hot Seat
by The Golden Palominos from The Golden Palominos


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Discovered your blog by way of "Mission and Highland". I know of the Golden Palominos by way of the sort of locally legendary (Ohio) band "15-60-75", aka "The Numbers band". Their frontman and leader Bob Kidney recorded with the GP's a few times. I have one of the recordings. It's slightly off, but 15-60-75 were (I think they still play occasionally)one of a kind. Bluesy rock and slightly jazzy, with a singular sound. They have an old tune "Jimmy Bell's in Town" that's an absolute classic. WFMU in NYC plays an OK live recording of it occassionally. Have seen them live many many many times and the performances were some of the best I'll ever see. Their studio recordings are in all honestly only so so.
Just sharin and sayin. Since you were into the GPs. Check out the Numbers.
D in SF

10:27 PM  

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