Thursday, March 06, 2008

Three Versions of Pais Tropical

I first came across Jorge Ben's "Pais Tropical" on Sergio Mendes and Brazil 77's album "Pais Tropical". It's pretty amazing to me to think that Jorge Ben wrote both "Pais Tropical" and "Mas Que Nada", probably the two most recorded Brazilian songs ever. Mendes also covered "Mas Que Nada". In fact, he covered it a second time along with of Black Eyed Peas. I believe it was used in a Nike commercial. Enough said about that.

So, the other day, while going through my records, I realized that I had multiple versions of this song, and thought it would be neat to post them all together. I try to only post original vinyl pressings so I won't be sharing the original Jorge Ben version or the amazing Gal Costa version which are easily available on CD or MP3 and I suggest you pick up. The OG vinyl is just too pricey for me.

Today I will be sharing with you the original Sergio Mendes version I mentioned earlier. Like most of Mendes' work it's quite smoothed out, but I think it actually works well here. I especially like the little guitar licks. I'm also sharing an interesting version that was apparently recorded in Israel and released by Varig Brazilian Airlines on CBS records in Tel Aviv. From what I can figure out from the English liner notes, the album is full of songs from a television broadcast called "Pais Tropical - Songs from Brazil." Those of you with a good ear should be able to tell the accent isn't quite Brazilian Portuguese.
Finally, I'm sharing a third version I found on an album by a vocal group called Los Castro. I picked this one up in Mexico City right across the street from the Bellas Artes. Out of the three, this one is probably the most smoothed out due to the strings, but I dig all of the little changes and the jazz influence. So, if you in any way enjoy these songs, you should go pick up some Jorge Ben

Pais Tropical by Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77 from Pais Tropical
Pais Tropical by The Group from Pais Tropical - Songs From Brazil
Pais Tropical by Los Castro from y Despues del Amor le prometi...otra vez volver...



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Try the Wilson Simonal version!

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