Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dyke and the Blazers "Runaway People"

I want to make this a quick post. Here's another 45 I came across recently. Dyke and the Blazers are mostly known for their hit "Funky Broadway" which Wilson Picket covered. A quick little search for Dyke and the Blazers taught me that Dyke was shot and killed in an Arizona bar back in 1971. The case against the man responsible for shooting Dyke was eventually dismissed due to evidence of self defence. Apparantly the band on this track is the core of the Watts 103rd St. band. I'm a sucka for songs that name check California.

Runaway People by Dyke and the Blazers on Original Sound


Blogger Ben said...

This song is amazing, thanks for posting it. I'm a big fan of Watts 103rd so it was cool to find out that they're also the 'blazers.' I made a beat out of this song, and I have to say you personally inspired me to dig up my crate of records and buy a new record needle so I can start sampling vinyl again. You the man.

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