Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Bailar La Cumbia- El Ritmo de Moda

I picked this record up in a thrift store called "St. Paul's"during my Fresno trip. I hardly ever pass up on cumbia records. I really like the stuff and you can't beat the energy cumbia comes with, although I can't listen to hours upon hours of it because it starts to sound the same. I was DJing a party a couple of weeks ago and I dropped a cumbia remix from a white label by Los Hermanos Latinos. I should post that up some time because I don't think it's available anymore. Anyway, some dude came up to me and was so excited that I was spinning cumbia. He was like, "I'm Columbian! You're spinning cumbia!!!" I almost thanked him and his people for providing cumbia for the world, but decided that sounded dumb, so I said, "Cool!"

Cumbia de la Media Noche A Bailar La Cumbia - El Ritmo de Moda
Cumbia del Sol A Bailar La Cumbia - El Ritmo de Moda


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