Monday, October 01, 2007

Gospel Records

So, I suppose I'll spare y'all my four different versions of the Pee Wee dance until next week. This week I'd like to share with you some gospel records I found the other day at the flea market. Gospel seems to be a hard genre to dig for. Often the looks are completely deceiving. For instance, Andre Crouch sure looks funky, but funky he is not.

So, the other day I showed up to the flea market late in the afternoon not expecting much to be left. I had basically taken a look at all of the stalls that were still left and was on my way out when I noticed a stack of records on a table. As I flipped through I noticed they were gospel and almost stopped right there. But as I looked closer I noticed the members of the band listed their astrological signs. Astrological signs are clearly funky, so I looked a bit closer.
There were quite a few records, but most of them were beat (not in good shape)so I only ended up taking four. I'm sharing with you tracks from three of those four records. The fourth record has been deemed "not funky enough."

Of all the tracks I listened to the afternoon I returned from the flea market The Keynotes' "We Need Prayer" from the album "Wide River" hit me the hardest. It is just the sweetest soul that starts of with a groove that reminds me of Booker T. and the MGs and then turns into an Impressions song with the lead singer going into falsetto. Also from "Wide River" is "Heart of Mine" which completely blew my mind right from the start with its fuzzed out guitar. Fuzzed out guitar on a gospel record!

Along with the Gospel Keystones album I picked up three records from the Sensational Williams Brothers. A quick search on seems to confirm that these guys are still recording. From the album "Taking Gospel Higher" I'm sharing the track "I'm Waiting" and it's instrumental version. I love how the instrumental version basically becomes disco. From the Williams Brothers' "Spreading a Message" I'm sharing "Thank You Master" and "Jesus Understands It." Nice cowbell work on "Jesus Understands It." I wouldn't be surprised if the Williams Brothers were listening to a bunch of Graham Central Station at the time of this album.

And finally, I'll leave you with the track "I've Got a Home" from the Williams Brothers album "I've Got a Home". The brothers decided to add a horn section to this song which gives it a sort of P-funk flavor. I know there's a whole lot more gospel out there that is funkier than this, but I haven't come across it at the flea market yet. Actually, I do have a copy of Voices of East Harlem but it's not very pretty to look at especially when it's on the turntable and you can get a good look at it's warp.
We Need Prayer by The Gospel Keynotes from Wide River
Heart of Mine by The Gospel Keynotes from Wide River
I'm Waiting by The Sensational Williams Brothers from Taking Gospel Higher
I'm Waiting (instrumental) by The Sensational Williams Brothers from Taking Gospel Higher
Thank You Master by The Sensational Williams Brothers from Spreading a Message
Jesus Understands It by The Sensational Williams Brothers from Spreading a Message
I've Got a Home by The Sensational Williams Brothers from I've Got a Home


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