Monday, July 02, 2007

Abracadabra "Oye Maje"

I've been listening to this song almost every day since I found it. Maybe I'm unconsciously trying to recreate the high I got when I first dropped the needle on this rock song after skipping through eight string filled latin ballads. "That's what I'm looking for," I thought. Yet, I'm not sure why I'm looking for it in the first place. It's definitely not to share with you. Don't get me wrong. I love you all out there, but I'm not buying records for you. It's for me. This song is for me. And now it's for you. Maybe I'm feeling some sort of ownership. I've gotten this same feeling about songs that are completely new to me, but very well known by others. So, it's not the idea that I discovered a song and now own it. Maybe it's because I like bad ass songs sung in Spanish with a vocalist that's not afraid to scream. Maybe it's because this song kind of reminds me of Os Mutantes. Maybe it's because this song sounds like some sort of lost Beatles track from "Let it Be". Well, I hope your jaw drops just a little bit like mine did when I first heard this song.

Oye Maje by Abracadabra


Anonymous Dangerscouse said...

Kerchung......that's the sound of my jaw dropping!!

Great great track, and I totally agree with your comments. Cheers mate

11:45 PM  
Blogger Pablo said...

Dear K-Mac: I get here "Googleing" for "Groove" Holmes music . But your blog is not "just another link" from now on.
-Los Angeles Negros?- I say to myself -Que es esto?" Marvelous! The Beastie Boys use this for a loop! Love it!
Ahora... Oíme pibe! I don`t know from what country is that band Abracadabra but I can tell you this: "Oye Maje" is a "freely" cover version from the song "Jugo de Tomate" (Tomato Juice) from MANAL, an argentinian blues band from the 60`s and early 70`s. Of course my surprise is not for be a "connoisseur", I`m writing this from Argentina and here Manal have a mythical status (you know that this country was THE pioneer in quality blues-rock sung in spanish?)
If you are interested, I find this link to a double disc compilation (obviusly with "Jugo de Tomate") from 1973 when Manal already was separated :

If you like it, try to hear something from another great band: Color Humano. And try Pescado Rabioso too!
I almost forget Pappo! An astonishing guitar player, look for his "Pappo`s Blues" records, no te arrepentirás! (you won`t regreat!)
Un gran abrazo desde Buenos Aires!!!

8:37 AM  
Blogger Pablo said...

Sorry, me again.
What you download from the link I send you in my first commentary is a .txt with the links for the 2 discs compilation, and here they are:

Nos vemos!

8:44 AM  
Blogger Pablo said...

My first commentary lacked something important: empathy. I discovered the same feeling you describe with songs that appear unexpectedly. I liked "Oye Maje", but my mind cannot avoid to compare. And the worse thing of everything is that I was mistaken the song title! Is NOT "Tomato juice" but "No Pibe". I feel so ashamed!
The last thing: (I believe for the moment) the Manal lyrics are good!
The last, last, thing: I hope not to seem some type of psycho to you!

1:28 PM  
Blogger K-mac said...

Thanks Pablo for all of the information and links. You do not sound psycho. You sound like someone who like to talk about and share music. Gracias a usted!

9:22 PM  

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