Sunday, February 25, 2007

Stones Throw White Label

I bought this record at a Peanut Butter Wolf, Cut Chemist, and Madlib show at the Justice League in SF a few years ago. I just recently sold it on the Ebay to somebody in France. I recorded it before I sent it off so I wouldn't feel the loss quite so much. I guess only 300 copies were pressed and sold at shows or given away as promos. I'm not sure if any of these tracks were officially released so I am taking it upon myself to make sure this music gets to more than the 300 people who own the record. I do it for the people.
Side A:
Phone Ring Track by Charizma from Stones Throw White Label
Red Light Green Light by Charizma from Stones Throw White Label
Fraudulent by Homeless Derelix from Stones Throw White Label
The Letter F by Funkaho from Stones Throw White Label
Side B:
The Message by Jaylib (Madlib and Jay Dee) from Stones Throw White Label
LAX to JFK by Madlib from Stones Throw White Label
Green Power (Original Version) by Quasimoto from Stones Throw White Label
The Chicken by The Breakestra from Stones Throw White Label

Friday, February 09, 2007

What does a $103 northern soul 45 sound like?

My ear hurts. I love Q-tips, but I had to stop using them because I got an ear infection. I swim for exercise and that doesn't help with my ear problems. I took a month long break from the Q-tips until two days ago. God, it felt good. While digging around in my ear I managed to block my ear up with wax. So I've been pulling and tugging at my ear for the last two days in an attempt to unplug my ear. Now, like I said, my ear hurts.

Oh, I sold this 45 on ebay the other day for $103 and told all of my friends about it. They all asked, "What was it?"

'Cause You're Mine by The Vibrations on Epic
I Took an Overdose by The Vibrations on Epic

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dyke and the Blazers "Runaway People"

I want to make this a quick post. Here's another 45 I came across recently. Dyke and the Blazers are mostly known for their hit "Funky Broadway" which Wilson Picket covered. A quick little search for Dyke and the Blazers taught me that Dyke was shot and killed in an Arizona bar back in 1971. The case against the man responsible for shooting Dyke was eventually dismissed due to evidence of self defence. Apparantly the band on this track is the core of the Watts 103rd St. band. I'm a sucka for songs that name check California.

Runaway People by Dyke and the Blazers on Original Sound