Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prophet "Right on Time"

A couple of weeks ago I went thrift store shopping with some friends. They were interested in clothes, and I was looking for records. At our fourth stop I came across this record. First, I noticed the cover. A black man wearing a robe and knee high boots is not something to pass up. With the name "Prophet" and what looks like a book on the front I was a little worried that I was looking at a crappy gospel record, so I flipped it to the back -- italicized typed text on white background signaled cheapness to me. The label, Treasure Records, with its address in SF caused me to conclude that this was some sort of private press record. But, what sealed the deal for me was the Co-Producer credit. Julius Funk. How could I pass on a record that was co-produced by Julius Funk?

My friends and I stopped over at another friend's house and had some cocktails. We listened to the records I bought that day. Everyone loved the cover, but they were not particularly feeling the drum machine and synthesizer funk of Prophet. I tried to explain to them my "digger sensibilities" and reasoning for picking up the record, but everyone seemed to start drinking their martinis and looking away in embarrassment. I didn't mind the falsetto vocals and synthesized swooshes. My only complain is that some of the songs start to sound the same. So I decided to do some nerdy record research when I got home and found out that Peanut Butter Wolf is a fan of Prophet. And, I found a copy sold for $120 last year. So, take a listen to two of the tracks from the album or download the entire thing as a .zip file and tell us what you think.

Right On Time
by Prophet from Right on Time

Strong & Mighty
by Prophet from Right on Time

Download 66.87MB .zip File


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can't fuck with this record.
massive thanks for uploading this rare illness.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post !!

Is there any info on the record or cover who is the man behind "Prophet"?

11:21 AM  
Blogger Soul Soulero said...

Excellent blog bro..i was just up at frisco last week at the pier. Bro is there anyway i could get a copy of some of these tracks (Prophet - Right on Time) in original wav from the vinyl and not mp3? I also have rare oldies and funk. hit me up. soulsoulero@gmx.com

9:11 AM  
Blogger Nico Mer said...

this is so tight. I'll buy your copy for $125. radicalnicole@gmail.com

10:51 AM  

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