Monday, October 17, 2005

Bar-kays cont.

I'm going to try for two posts this week so I'll be short. The Mar-keys were another band on the Stax/Volt label just like the Bar-kays. The Mar-keys were the very first studio band for the label and included Donald Dunn and Steve Cropper who were both part of Booker T. and the MGs. From what I can figure out the Mar-keys line-up changed fairly often. Isaac Hayes was part of the group for the album "The Great Memphis Sound." In fact, if anyone has a copy--hook a brother up! Wait, what am I thinking;I'm talking to like two people.

Well, the last Mar-keys album "The Memphis Experience" was basically the Bar-kays. I read somewhere most of album consisted of songs that didn't make it on the Bar-kays' albums. So here are two tracks from the album for you to enjoy. And finally, big ups to Tom Havers for leaving comments.

Angel Dust by The Mar-keys from The Memphis Experience
Creeper's Funktrations by The Mar-keys from The Memphis Experience


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I'm diggin it man..... I'll keep checkin in weekly if you keep hookin us up.

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