Friday, October 19, 2007

Novelty Records Part Two: Pee Wee Herman

I've been threatening to do a post on the Pee Wee rap for a while now, and since I haven't gotten any comments on my gospel post I will now subject you to the wonderful world of the Pee Wee Rap. I believe it all started with Joeski Love's "Pee Wee's Dance" which clearly must have become popular because plenty of other people decided to make different records based on the same subject and beat.

MC Boob decided to take the Pee Wee Dance and add to it the Fila dance. Man, I miss those days when Fila's were the shit. I like how he decides to make a clear separation between his song and Joeski's by saying, "Get stupid, y'all", instead of "Get busy y'all." It's those small differences that count. I suppose MC Boob must have had some success with his Fila Dance record because he decided to do another one using the same beat, but flipping the lyrics into a dis about somebody's mother. The similarities between this one and Joeski's original aren't as clear, but trust me, this is made to mix right into Pee Wee's dance. Besides, he says "Get stupid, y'all," again.

My favorite version of the Pee Wee Dance is "The Pee Wee Rock" by Darrin Grant. Darrin separates himself from the rest of the Pee Wee records by stating "What's the deal y'all." Genius. Now, I'm just guessing, but I bet that Newcleus' "Jam on It" must have been pretty big at the time. In a stroke of merchandising genius, Darrin took the Pee Wee idea, mixed it with the chipmunk voice of "Jam on It" and gave us the beauty of "(Do The) Pee Wee Herman Rock (Space Voice Version)."

Pee Wee's Dance
by Joeski Love

Do the Fila and the Pee Wee Dance
by MC Boob

Yo Mutha
by MC Boob

(Do The) Pee Wee Herman Rock (Space Voice Version)
by Darrin Grant


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pee wwee rock's !!

bravo from france for twelve by twelve !!

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