Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Miami Bass

I picked up some Miami Bass Booty records the other day at a swap meet and I feel like changing things up a little. Both records are on the Vision Records label out of Miami Florida. First up is M.C. Cool Rock and M.C. Chaszy Chess's "Boot the Booty". Some nice scratches by Miami legend DJ Magic Mike on this one. If you listen carefully you'll notice the synth line from Tony Butler and Debbie Deb's "When I Hear Music" which I found in the same crate. Second is "Do Your Duty" by Beatmaster Clay D and the Get Funky Crew which obviously came right after "Boot the Booty" because they refer to it in the begining. Sorry about the condition of "Do Your Duty". Insert your own joke regarding dirty booty.

Boot the Booty by MC Cool Rock and MC Chaszy Chess
Do Your Duty by Beatmaster Clay D & the Get Funky Crew


Anonymous dig this said...

nice one!

when I was a kid in the middle of freaking Indiana my friends and I would hit the local Disc Jockey or Wax Works store in the mall looking for Clay D and the Get Fresh Girls ("I Seen Your Boyfriend," etc) tapes bc somehow every kid in the sticks knew Miami stuff (?!?).....I guess after playing 2 Live Crew for weeks on end you need something new....

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