Monday, January 16, 2006

Eddie Palmieri and Tico

Hello folks! The title of my post said Charlie Palmieri for almost a week when I didn't even mention the dude! And, no one said a thing! Is anyone reading this?
So, continuing with the Tico records thing I'll post a couple of tracks from Eddie Palmieri. First is a track from the album "Justicia" called "Everything is Everything". Definitely a soul influenced track and I really enjoy his little rap about justice in the middle. I've got to apologize for the noise on this album. It's pretty beat. I have such a hard time buying albums that I know are relatively good, rare, or interesting, but are in bad shape. I should just do a post of good albums in VG- and below condition. I'm sure you'd all love to download a bunch of mp3s ripped from scratched up records. Anyway the other track is taken from a live album called "Eddie's Concerto". This one was recorded in 1976. Amazingly he stays away from the disco sound that so many Latin artists started to cop in the mid 70's. Sorry, no Harlem River Drive for y'all. I haven't come across it just yet. Feel free to send me a copy as a way of saying "Thanks for all the mp3s!"

Everything is Everything by Eddie Palmieri from Justicia
Tema de Apollo by Eddie Palmieri from Eddie's Concerto


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thumbs up!
go for the unreleased albums!


9:00 AM  
Blogger Brant Lee said...

I've got the Harlem River Drive full length as well as the live at sing sing album, and tons of others at my blog. Come check me, and add me to your blog roll!

┬┐Revoluci├│n, No?

2:18 PM  

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