Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Doors of Perception

I just picked these two records up and figured I could talk about them because they are very loosely related. The first record is a double set of an interview done with Aldous Huxley. He covers all sorts of topics including religion, philosophy, other authors, the supernautral and of course drugs which I included here. Huxley wrote a book about his experience with LSD mescaline called the "The Doors of Perception." This book is what supposedly influenced Jim Morrison and the Gang to call themselves "The Doors." Their hit "Light My Fire" has been covered by all sorts of folks as can be seen here.Along with the Aldous Huxley recording, I picked up a copy of "Just a Melody" by Young-Holt Unlimited which includes a version of the Doors' classic. Young-Holt Unlimited are one of those groups that I always pick up if I find them for a decent price. They're probably best known for their track "Soulfult Strut" which I believe has been on a bunch of commercials. I'm also including the track "Young and Holtful" because I found myself dancing to it today. I'm pretty sure they were trying to cash in on the success of "Soulful Strut" with this one because it's definitely got the same sound but different feeling thing going on. It may just sound that way to me because it's been in comercials too. Why the hell am I posting mp3s of songs from commercials on the internet?

Aldous Huxley on Drugs from Aldous Huxley Speaking Personally
Light My Fire by Young Holt Unlimited from Just a Melody
Young and Holtful by Young Holt Unlimited from Just a Melody


Blogger Lou Kash said...

Interesting coincidence (or not?): Today is the 100th birthday of Albert Hoffmann, the inventor of LSD. He is still alive and well, living in a village here near Basel, Switzerland. In a newspaper interview today he stated that the last time he has been using LSD was only three years ago, albeit only a very soft portion...

Also, there's going to be a big LSD conference in Basel this week.

8:59 AM  
Blogger K-mac said...

Total coincidence. I was actually going to add something to the my original post after reading the article about Hoffman. Damn! Taking LSD at 97!

Thanks for the comment and info!

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doors of Perception is actually about mescaline.

Also, hoffman is the man and I wish I could go to that conference this week. Although I think it was the 11th.

PS great blog, looking forward to listening to huxley

10:41 AM  
Blogger K-mac said...

The correction has been made. Thanks! Been a while since I've read the book.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Cultura Maconha said...

is not about mescaline... is that he read an article of Humphey Osmond about the relationship between mescaline, adrenaline and amphetamine with shizophrenia... so they met in 1950s... Humphey gave Aldous his first psicodelic experience and that inspired "the doors of perception"

9:41 PM  

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