Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tighten Up Redux

I believe these are the first 45s I've posted about. And, yeah, I know the picture I chose isn't even a 45. Well, I can't take a good picture of a 45 for the life of me. And the above picture was the only record I could find of either the TNT band or the TSU Tornadoes. So, forget about all of this picutre business and let's focus on the music. You've heard Archie Bells "Tighten Up" right? Well these two songs are way influenced by it. In fact, the first tune, "Getting the Corners" is by the backing band heard on "Tighten Up". The TSU Tornadoes were also from Texas just like Archie Bell. TSU stands for Texas Southern University where they were all students. "Getting the Corners" is a fast jam with plenty of grunts and horn breakdowns just like the song they cut for Archie.

Second is "The Meditation" by the TNT band. This 45 was released on the Cotique label. It's basically a cover of "Tighten Up" with a nice groovy boogaloo bass and different lyrics by Tito Ramos. Enjoy, and if you have any tips on taking pictures of 45s please leave a comment.

Getting the Corners by The TSU Tornadoes

The Meditation by The TNT Band from The Meditation


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