Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Family Vibes

Ike Turner's original back up band was called The Kings of Rhythm. In 1971 Ike Turner produced and released an album called "Ike Turner Present's The Family Vibes 'Strange Fruit.'" The liner notes within the gatefold cover declare "Ike and Tina Turner's Band Formerly Known as the 'Kings of Rhythm' has changed it's name to "The Family Vibes". From that album we have a song called "Heap-A-Hole-Lot" that features some crazy ass effects on either a guitar or keyboard--I can't figure it out. It gets nice and noisy and that's what I like about it. The Family Vibes have another album called "Confined to Soul" which gives us the track "La Vamp" which is a cover of a Oliver Sain tune. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out the name of the actual tune being covered. All in all, the Family Vibes have got two pretty good albums full of bluesy instrumentals with a few vocals thrown in. Not quite as mind blowing as "A Black Man's Soul", but good stuff indeed.

Quick shout out to Killing Floor Blues for hooking me up with a link and some traffic.

Heap-A-Hole-Lot by The Family Vibes from Strange Fruit
La Vamp by The Family Vibes from Confined to Soul


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nice blog..

if you're interested I'm just going through a musical Ike Turner tribute over at


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The Oliver Sain track is called "On The Hill"

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Blogger Rái Mein said...

fantastic crazy total. Ike rulles!!!

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