Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Funky Blues

Back in July I went to Chicago to visit a friend, buy records, and eat red hots. That trip started my quest for funky blues music. There were a few things that started this kick. First of all, I saw Kid Koala spin an awesome set that had some great blues tunes. Then, my friend Matt and I went to a little record sale in some guys basement in Wrigleyville. I picked up this Etta James Cover of "I Got You Babe". I remember once I dropped the needle from some guy's portable onto the record everyone's ears kind of perked up. While trying to avoid knocking my head on the low beams in the basement I was told to ALWAYS pick up Etta James records that are on Cadet. Not bad advice. I also pick up Etta James records when they're on Chess which is why I have the track "All the Way Down Slow" from her 1973 self titled album.

I've also included a track by Little Sonny from his album "New King of the Blues Harmonica." I picked this record up hoping for funky blues and got it. It's on the Enterprise label which is part of Stax records. Isaac Hayes's records are usually on Enterprise. Well, the entire album has got that Memphis feel to it. I also suspect that the backing band on this album is the Bar-Kays, but I can't confirm this because I'm too lazy to do all of the research.

Finally, big ups to Soul Shower for putting up a link to my blog and sending some traffic over here. You suckas just need to start posting some comments and I'll be able to sleep at night.

I Got You Babe by Etta James from Tell Mama: The Complete Muscle Shoals Sessions
All the Way Down by Etta James from Etta James

Eli's Pork Chop by Little Sonny from The New King of the Blues Harmonica


Blogger AK said...

You can't go wrong with Etta James. I just posted her version of Charles Brown's "Please Come Home For Christmas." If that would've been recorded in the 60s or 70s it would've been much better.

Great post, keep up the good work.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

man, the real question is when are you coming back out here for another visit?!?! inquiring minds wanna know....

great post...I picked Etta's "Changes" record a while back, mostly for the funky drums on "Donkey" and hoping that altho it's a 1980 record, Allen Toussaint produced it and maybe would have negated any of the late date vibes....gotta say that while it had its funky moments, it was just too overdub/piecemeal sounding to me, and made me wish I had found another one of those Cadet 45s, fool!

great post, keep it up.


1:01 PM  
Blogger matt_the_cat said...

I am the same way with Etta's recordings.Pick' em up when/wehere I can.I rue the day the 2cd best of burned in a house fire.
Do you recall 'Feelin Bad'?

11:31 PM  

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