Sunday, November 27, 2005

Kraftwerk Toto and Africa

When I first put this record on my turntable my mouth dropped. It's basically the feeling I'm looking for when looking for records. I don't get that feeling often, but I suppose that's what drives me to search for records. I can't quite figure out what exactly gives me that feeling. I think it's the feeling of surprise. This wasn't a record I had high hopes for. I basically liked the cover it came in and had never seen the label before. I know hardly anything about early Disco or Italian Disco so I decided to give it a shot hoping the record would sound "Africa(n)" like it's title. Who'd guess that a Disco Mix of Toto's Africa would have this pseudo electro/funk drum break at the beginning. And then of course there's the vocoder. Who'd have thought that there was a connection between Kraftwerk and Toto? Not me, and I guess that's why I enjoy coming home drunk, playing this record loudly and dancing to it.

Africa (Dub Mix) by Key of Dreams


Blogger Snowbag said...

Super fantastic. A very special selection; thanks.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone please re-up this one (Africa / Key of dreams) ? Keep on funkin' !

8:39 AM  

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