Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Orquesta Hermanos Flores "La Bala"

So, I found this album at the Goodwill I mentioned in my last post. Orquesta Hermanos Flores are from El Salvador and have a great sound. For me, it is all about the keyboards with this album that just cause me to smile and lean back every time they jump out of the mix. I'm going to take a cue from The Record Brother and post an entire album this time. The big highlights in the album are the covers. Although they're not Joe Cocker, Orquesta Hermanos Flores stay pretty true to Dave Mason's "Feelin Alright" except for the translation which becomes "Estoy En Onda." Their second cover, according to the liner notes is Jesse James's "The Mule" which is entitled "La Mula." I've read elsewhere on the internets that "The Mule" was written by Jesse Green. Either way, I haven't heard the original, but would definitely be interested in checking it out because this version is a burner! This track is so fast and break laden that I can easily picture the b-boys in El Salvador losing their shit over it. The rest of the tracks paint a picture of a El Salvadorean party circa 1967. They switch from Ranchera type jams like "El Estudiante" and "Que Ojos" to keyboard driven mod freakouts like "Jovenes Amantes" and "Solo Amor." I hope you enjoy.

1.La Turista
2.Jovenes Amantes
3.El Estudiante
4.La Bala
5.Que Ojos
6.Solo Amor
7.Estoy En Onda
8.Alfombra Magica
9.Viejo Cerros
10.La Mula


Blogger Jocelyn Lopez said...

yo los quiero mucho a los hermanos flores..i would like to see u guys agian in winnipeg.Great show.i loved it andi had a great time at St MALO beach wiht u guys ..

jocelyn teresa lopez

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Angel said...

Where can i get this album???

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Latin Xavier said...

This group is conidered an orchestra. They are the Bomb!! no pun intended in regards to the song La Bala. I have been trying if they are the original writers. I know Sonora Dinamita from Colombia has also sung it. Does anyone know if theyre the original?

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Latin Xavier said...

Sorry, corrections: This group is considered... I have been trying to find out if they... thanks

2:10 PM  
Blogger Jeffrey said...

Do you still have this album? I want to buy it from you...my email is jomar723@gmail.com

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



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