Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Amid Ranchera

The following tracks are all taken from Latin records that are full of cowboy hat wearing ranchera tunes. First off, is a track called "Frijole con Puerco" or as they shout out at the beginning, "Pork and Beans." I picked this record up at the same Goodwill I mentioned in my previous posts. With the name "Los Socios Del Ritmos" and a Perez Prado cover I had to pick it up and was totally blown away when this song came up. Once again the keyboards kick ass, but the horns and guitar almost give the song a reggae feel.

Next is a track taken from the album pictured above. I've noticed that a lot of these records will have one huge track with a medley of songs. So, after two or three fast paced polka type tunes punctuated by "gritas" Orquesta Casino decided to throw in a wicked fast cover of War's "Cisco Kid". I left a little bit of the next song so you can hear the transition.

Thirdly, is a track by Little Joe and the Latinaires from Texas. I believe Little Joe is a legend in TexMex music and even plays today. I totally picked this record up on the strength of the album cover. Once again, amid plenty of very latin type tunes we are given a nice version of the Shocking Blue's "Venus". Interestingly, they cite the writing credits as "unknown". I suppose they did that for copyright reasons. Wait, are the Shocking Blue even the writers of the track?

My final track is a 45 that I found on top of a garbage can on Bryant and 24th street here in San Francisco. There were a bunch of Latin tunes and some oldies records but this is the only thing I ended up keeping. The 45 looked like it had never been played. The song is called "Abuelita Rock" and is credited to the group Andalucia. I have no information on them except for they rock and sound like a bunch of kids.

Frijol Con Puerco by Los Socios Del Ritmo from Chilito piquin Vamos A Platicar
Cisco Kid by Orquesta Casino from Sabor!
Venus by Little Joe and the Latinaires from Mas Arriba
Abuelita Rock by Andalucia from 45 single


Blogger Peter said...

just discoverd your blog, wicked sounds!
Lovin those Latin sounds.

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man. I like what you're doin'. Nice tunes. Do you live in San Francisco? I live in the city but I'm in school at University of Oregon. I was especially wondering which Goodwill is the one you keep scorin' at. Is it one in SF?



3:34 PM  
Anonymous ChonChon said...

Man, I sure would love to hear some of those rancheras. Those are songs of my youth. Any chance of a random post?

Love the tunes


5:02 PM  

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