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I suppose my first real contact with Bollywood music was through the remix project Bombay the Hard Way by Dan the Automator and Josh Davis (DJ S****w). I started searching for records by the duo Kalyanji and Anandji who were featured in that album. Besides comps, I could only find their music on Ebay for hefty prices. Then, one day, while in Berkeley, I decided to walk into one of the Indian import shops on University and asked if they had any records. Once it was clear that I meant the big round vinyl thing, the nice Indian gentleman walked me towards a dusty old box of Bollywood records. For 6 bucks each I picked up 8 records that still smell like curry. None of the albums were completely mindblowing and I'm pretty sure the steady diet of Bollywood music for weeks straight drove my significant other berzerker.

My search for Bollywood records went to another level when I started to call Indian import stores throughout the Bay Area. Most of the calls started with me struggling to explain what I was searching for and ending with laughter once it was clear I wanted records. My phone calls eventually led me back to Berkeley where I found a store selling sealed Bollywood records for eleven bucks each. I started to have delusions of quitting my day job and selling sealed Bollywood albums to record nerds, producers, and djs for astronomical prices.
After a little bit of research using Ebay's completed items and Popsike.com I headed back to the store to find out that the store owner had seen the same requests multiple times from record stores in Chicago and New York. My plans to quit working for the man had been thwarted, but I still came up with a few nice Bollywood records.

So, today I bring to you three tracks from the movie Haadsaa an Incident composed by the same two guys, Kalyanji and Anandji featured in Bombay the Hard Way. The front and back of the cover are the top two images of my post. This is by far my favorite of all of my Bollywood records.
Not often do you find three fairly good tracks on one Bollywood record. Most of the albums that I've kept are usually one trackers. Lots of sound effects and moogs on this one. The highlight of this album for me is the disco song about YOGA. There's something about programmed synth lines and real drums that I really like.

I'm also including one track from a movie called Jaago. I do not know the name of the track because all text is in Hindi (I believe that's the right term; correct me if I'm wrong). I picked this one up because it had a dude holding some sort of ax on the front cover. This one starts of with some great moog and goes into nice funky guitar punctuated by horns. Like most Bollywood music it switches all over the place thorughout the song.

Bombay Sheher by Kalyanji Anandji from Haadsaa an Incident
Disco Cammata by Kalyanji Anandji from Haadsaa an Incident
Y.O.G.A. by Kalyanji Anandji from Haadsaa an Incident
Bollywood Music by Jaigovind from Jaago


Blogger Yohan said...

Not bad to see non-Indians getting into Bollywood music. The Golden Age was the sixties and seventies. You can get plenty of mp3s for free from Indian students out there, I'm sure!

I might do a Hindi (Bollywood) music post on my music blog, so you could see what else is out there.

Since I'm from Southern India I don't even understand Hindi, and have no problems saying that currently Bollywood music sucks eggs.

12:47 AM  
Anonymous s said...

if you like (original) old Bollywood music, you can listen to them online here (among many other sites) and search for downloads here.

ps Yohan: even though I'm not Indian (and only have rudimentary knowledge of Hindi), I have to disagree. A lot of Bollywood (specifically) music is crap, but there is still some pretty awesome music, composition- and lyric-wise.

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your vinyl rips are awesome... I've collected around 300 vinyls so far and I'm off to India next month to get some more (for a lot lot cheaper). I AM Indian and do speak Hindi and I love this music because it is so over-the-top... so at ease with itself and so carefree that I forget I have a mortgage to pay :-P

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The song from Jaago is "Yeh zindagi hai chaar din ki" sung by Asha Bhosle... the opening line translates as "live is short live it filled with love..."

12:50 PM  
Blogger Penningtron said...

Wow. I'd been trying to track down info on Indian disco, specifically 'Disco Cammata' and I was glad for all the info. But when I heard Y.O.G.A. my jaw dropped. What a song! Excellent find!

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Eton said...


Nice blogg !

I play tunes every friday night in my hometown Uppsala, Sweden. Ive tried long & hard to get ahold of Kalyanji Anandjis yoga but without luck. I was wondering if there is any way that you could put the mp3 back up again or perhaps send me a link ?

plz let me know,



9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



11:16 PM  
Blogger bobs said...

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